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June 22, 2008

Who Said It’s All Supposed to Make Sense?

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Real Life is Messy.  Deal.

When my therapist said, “Life is messy,” I was a little shocked.  No. I was a lot shocked. Not withstanding it has been said before by many scholars and other philosophers, who actually admits that?  Who admits that and is able to keep their sanity?  Who in their right mind admits that?  Admittance of that reality is enough to drive anyone of any intelligence and sensitivity right off the edge.  Well the reality, I suppose, does put a lot of people off the edge.  So now that I’ve heard it with such calm and matter of factness, I spend a lot of time wondering, Now what?   Now what do I do?    It’s all messy.  None of it makes any sense. I have to live with that, but how do I live with that?

You know, it makes sense to me, and when people want to engage me in discussions about the so called reality of God and its ability to protect me from chaos and mess, my response is a very indisputable one.   I’m a ball of energy mostly made of water and poo. That stops the God believers cold in their tracks.


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  1. Yeah. It’s one of those truths, it seems, that has to shock or it isn’t true. When you get it, I guess. My high school history teachers never seemed to have a problem with it, but they were pretty wise.
    As for being a watery poo ball (sorry–I’m not quite mature enough to let that image by without comment): as far as I know, science and religion aren’t by any means mutually exclusive beliefs–yet. If there were a “reality of God” (not saying which I believe), it surely would be reconciled with what science has told us of reality, yes? At least, I don’t think saying that our minds/consciousnesses are purely physical (if that’s what you’re saying here) precludes the existence of what is apparently a nonphysical entity.
    On a related but out-of-order note: I don’t know any people with religious beliefs that indicate to them that their God will protect them from the chaos and mess that those who don’t follow their God experience. Maybe their religion keeps their heads above the water, which is good for them, but facts is facts. Belief generally doesn’t prevent catastrophe, and it’s certainly hard to prove how it might.

    Comment by justthisguy — May 14, 2009 @ 5:04 am | Reply

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